Monday, December 8, 2008

All Aboard the Polar Express!!!! We Believe!!!!!!!!!

We went to Williams, AZ to ride the Polar Express. This picture was taken after the train ride. It was 10pm and as you can see Alese was done partying it up.

This picture says it all! Alese just got her bell from Santa. The REAL Santa and she BELIEVES!!!! This was my favorite part of the whole trip!

Me and my babes.

Alese could not believe she talked to Santa. She thinks she was sooooo brave. She couldn't get over herself for like an hour. So cute!

Our New Little Guy

Is he not the cutest? Guessing Game Time! Who can guess what kind of dog he is....If you already know, then no guessing please!!! His name is Scout. Loving the puppy, not the puppy stage!

The Phoenix Zoo

Okay so I'm a little behind! Blame it on the holidays I guess. So we ventured out to the zoo. It was a perfect 75 degrees. The animals were just being fed when we got there so most of them were up close and personal. (Trust me , that is lucky for a zoo trip)